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The Drive Tee is one of the best ways to practice and perfect your drive. The hottest new golf product in 2010.

New York Sportscene Magazine

I couldn't believe it until I tried out The Drive Tee. I took 5 strokes off my golf score. I have more control of my drive.

Gerry Smith

There is a new golf product that will help you take strokes off your golf score.

The Drive Tee, it's strong, easy to find, helps you maintain striking the golf ball in the same spot on every drive. Every golf player should try it out.

Nightlife Magazine

I wish this tee was available when I started to learn to play golf. It helped me control my drives which lowered my golf score.

Michael Hollander

This week a friend gave me one of your Drive Tees. I'm a senior and play golf five or six times a week, I love the game and although my short game is pretty good I have had trouble with my drives--that's until now.

I played 18 holes yesterday and reduced my average score by fifteen shots; thinking it was a fluke I went out this morning for nine holes and reduced my average by five. It has to be the tees, I have so much more confidence when I set up and it feels great.

Betty D Carr

I like The Drive Tee because I always hit the ball from the same height off the ground. The tees work for me!

Enrique Velasco, California

I purchased a pack of your Drive Tees and tried out the driver tee. I really love it.

Eva Wong

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