The Drive Tee

The Drive Tee (US Patent no. USD-442,243S) was designed by Mike Cutino.

He engineered The Drive Tee to give golf players of any caliber the consistency and accuracy they deserve when shooting a golf ball off the tee.

If you're an amateur player you probably found out by now that consistency is one of the most important fundamentals of golf. If you do not have consistency in all aspects of your game then you will never really improve.

The Drive Tee will help you gain consistency on the height of your ball when you place the ball on the tee. Have you ever been to a driving range where you can adjust the height of the tee electronically?

The person who invented this idea was onto something. With the aid of this system you are guaranteed to have your ball at the same height every time.

Tee Picture

The Drive Tee is like having a portable electronic device that ensures your tee is always the same height off the ground. The only difference is that The Drive Tee can fit into your pocket and doesn't require electricity or a PhD in engineering to setup.

Consistency, Accuracy, Added Yardage, Stability, Durability... it's all here.

You simply place it into the ground and use the horizontal disc to align the height. When the disc hits the ground you will be positive that your tee is the same height every single time.

What will I gain when I am consistently placing the ball at the same height?

Hopefully you answered more yardage and more control over where you want the ball to go. Imagine being able to hit the sweet spot every single time because you are positive that the ball is in the same exact spot every time.

We cannot guarantee that you will turn into Tiger Woods over night but going back to our plan of being consistent, The Drive Tee eliminates one error right off the bat. When you are absolutely positive there is no varied tee height then you can concentrate on other aspects of your game with confidence.

Amateurs are not the only caliber of players who will benefit from The Drive Tee. Let's face it, in the game of golf we are always looking for ways to improve consistency. We all know the basic objective of golf right? Get the ball from the tee into the hole in the least amount of turns.

If you are a professional player you will still benefit from The Drive Tee. The reason is because it is giving you the comfort of knowing that your ball height is the same every time. If you are trying to squeeze off every last stroke, then every last edge you have will make a difference. You might be able to place the tee into the ground at a very accurate rate but you are not a machine. Humans make mistakes. Even the slightest difference in height might cost you one or more strokes. At a highly competitive level even one stroke can be the difference between winning and losing.

What do I get when I purchase The Drive Tee?

If you purchase The Drive Tee you will not only get tees designed for your driver but you will also get tees designed for your irons and fairway woods. Consistent irons shots are just as important as drives. You can even say that consistent iron shots are more important than drives. With our package you will have access to both tee types. You will get (3) driver tees, (2) hybrid tees and (2) iron tees per package.

Below you can see an example of both tees and how to set them up for all of your clubs.

Iron Picture Driver Picture

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