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The Drive Tee

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A revolutionary golf tee design that will improve your golf game
The tee design is so simple and effective that it is surprising that it did not exist until now.

New York, March 7, 2010: Mike Cutino announced the release of his new golf tee, "The Drive Tee". The benefit of the tee lies within its unique design. There is a horizontal disc that spreads out from the middle of the tee. This disc is what allows you to consistently place the tee into the ground at an exact level.

According to Mike Cutino,

"You don't have to be a great golf player to come up with great golf ideas. I found myself hitting shots all over the place and once I almost hit my nephew with a stray drive! At this point I realized I needed to work on my game. One of my local golf course professionals told me that consistency is the key to improving your game."

"One problem I had was consistently placing the tee at the same height. Drivers these days are so huge, sometimes it's tough to level out the tee in such a way that I can always hit the sweet spot. From there I began thinking of ways to improve the consistency of how I place the tee into the ground, and after various tests I came up with the idea to make a new tee, "The Drive Tee"."

The Drive Tee is not just for your driver too. The product contains a set of tees for your woods and irons. For hybrid woods you can use either tee depending on the size of the club head.

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